Sunday, 17 February 2013


Moth trapping in the winter is always hit and miss. There are fewer moths on the wing (though some moths only fly in this period) and winter, by definition, brings with it inclement weather. The ideal conditions for moth trapping are still, mild and cloudy nights. We have experienced little of these conditions in recent weeks, as our modest returns have shown.

There are still moths out there though and I was very pleased last night to catch a common species that has eluded me, though not Graham. This is a Chestnut, a pretty little Noctuid moth that emerges between September and May. Individuals can vary, though as its name suggests they mostly have a striking chestnut colour, with some darker and dirtier than others.


Notice how this moth has rounded corners to the wings, the similar Dark Chestnut has squared off corners and this is a useful identification tip.

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