Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day flying

I took a nice long walk on the Lond Mynd yesterday, starting out in Batch Valley and walking across to Carding Mill Valley. Very pleasant it was too, with signs of spring provided by a male Wheatear. I sat down for a rest half way and was surprised to see a moth fluttering over the grassland. A closer inspection showed it to be a Mottled Grey - not a day-flying moth but out in the midday sun for some reason.

Mottled Grey

On my return to Batch Valley I found this lovely Small Tortoiseshell sunning itself. Not a moth, but no excuses needed for posting a photo here. I also saw three Peacock butterflies on my walk, a sight to lift spirits. These are our hibernators, though, rather than newly emerged butterflies. Hopefully we will be seeing Holly Blues and Whites soon.

Small Tortoiseshell

According to the forecast we will finally have nights staying above freezing from tonight. So the moth trap will be out and hopefully we will have sightings to share soon.

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