Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Yesterday was the first anniversary of my arrival in Church Stretton and as the furniture did not arrive till the day after, the 14th was the first time I could put the trap on.
So last night (13th) was the end of my first year here and a "must" for the trap.

Lots of moths, but too many of the common ones; for example 30 Large Yellow Underwing and 18 Lesser Broad Border's. Nothing new, so I end the year with just over 400 species found locally.

Of interest because of its shape, was a Chinese Character (not new),

Chinese Character
but the most impressive was a moth which I did not recognise. So, below is a picture of the "standard" form of Dark Arches and after that, the variation of the same moth which I have never seen before. I am sure you would agree that there is a huge difference. A photo of the 2 side by side illustrates it even more.

Dark Arches


                                                                                               Dark Arches (different)

                                                              Dark Arches (comparison)

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