Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Two Beauties!

And the weather man was not wrong. The temperature stayed around 6° and in the trap this morning were "two beauties". Well, in fact there were more than that, but two new moths for the site.

Viewers of the blog are reminded of the mistaken Small Brindled Beauty post of a few weeks ago. Now it can be put right as there were two SBB's in the trap (how could I have got that wrong?). The photos below show them and one of them approaches the dark form which exists. No confusion here with male and female, as the females are wingless.

Small Brindled Beauty
A tip from Colin Plant is that the antenna of SBB are yellow, those of PBB are brown and those of BB are black.

Small Brindled Beauty


But perhaps you thought these were the two Beauties of the title - well no, because there is a much prettier Beauty and that is the Oak Beauty. There were two Pale Brindled Beautys too, and a Satellite, Spring Usher, Chestnuts and Dotted Borders, for a total of 13 moths.

Here are pictures of the Oak Beauty and the Satellite. Note the different colours of the "satellites" circling the "planet" from that of a previous  post.

Oak Beauty


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