Sunday, 10 March 2013

Turns to Grey

The mild spell of weather has come to an abrupt end today, with snow falling and temperatures plummeting. Last night presented the last favourable conditions for moth-trapping that we are likely to see for a while.

Hopes were high, but there was just one moth in the trap this morning. What a moth though! This Oak Beauty was lurking on the egg boxes, a first for the garden and a very welcome one.

Oak Beauty

That was it, a haul of just one (albeit beautiful) moth. However, as I was poaching eggs for this mornings breakfast, Jo spotted a moth lurking on the kitchen ceiling. Out came a pot and a bit of head-scratching followed before identification was secured. This Mottled Grey, a subtly marked and yet beautiful moth.

Mottled Grey

This may be it as far as moth trapping goes until next weekend, but a nice way to sign off before the hiatus.

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