Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Awesome and Grewsome!

Starting with Puss catty news, it has of course grew some more! And here is a picture at 7 days, followed by one at 9 days old.

Puss larva (7 days)

Puss larva (9 days)

It is looking very much like how it will be when fully grown.

It is 9 days since my last post, and so much has happened that I do not really know how to represent the number of "goodies" that I have found.

I shall start with one that is truly awesome for us.  There is a quite common moth called a Narrow-bordered 5-spot Burnet. There were literally thousands of them at the wet fields on Ludlow road, several dozens on each flower head of the brambles, as shown here.

Narrow-bordered 5-spot Burnets

It was thus a total surprise that I flashed my net as one flew past me, (because it looked different) - and it was! It was the very rare, yellow form citrina.  This has caused a stir amongst some people.

The rare form citrina

If that was not enough, yesterday I found an Emperor Moth larva near Wildmoor pool - a species that has been declining, and in the trap was a (worn) Oak Eggar. .

Emperor Moth larva

Oak Eggar

With more than 60 species in the trap each time, there have been several new moths for us and no time now to include more.

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