Monday, 1 July 2013

I stand corrected!

In my last post, I showed a photo of what I claimed to be E dodocella, but I was wrong. The moth was in fact Teliopsis diffinis. What is worse, is that when I checked it out on Ian Kimber's website, UKMoths, the photo is MINE, from France.

I am quite sure about all the photos I am going to show below, which were in the trap this morning, starting with a Bee Moth, a female, very much bigger than the male. They do not resemble bees in any way, but are so named because their larvae live in bumble bee and wasp nests.

Bee Moth
I was confused by the next one, as the Raspberry Moth usually has far more tiny spots on it than this one. Its larvae eat young raspberry type buds and shoots. The moth is only about 5 mm long.

Raspberry Moth

Some weeks ago I commented on finding some Lozotaenia forsterana larvae on Ivy in the garden and a couple of them have hatched out this week, as shown below.

Lozotaenia forsterana

 66 moths in the trap of 26 species, well down on Fridays catch of 86 and 39 species.

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