Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Beaten at the post ...

But hopefully not a second class delivery.  It has been a busy time since my last post and there has been far too much going on for it all to appear here in pictures.

There have been moths everywhere, but not always when wanted. For example there was a Common Marbled Carpet on the CS Library wall last Friday and in the wetland field down Ludlow Road I caught a Common White Wave and a Crambus lathionellus.  Then on a trip to Rushbury later that day I caught several micros, including Pammene rhediella.

Pammene rhediella

Then on Saturday the trap went to Longhills Road as part of the SACWG survey and in spite of the reasonable weather, the catch of just 6 moths was disappointing. Fortunately, the ambience was "tops".
Undeterred, on Sunday night the trap travelled about 100 yards down and across Ludlow road, backing on to the woods of the Mynd and this was the most productive night of the year with 24 species, several of them being new for us. Not enough space to post all the pictures, so just a selection here, including a Sandy carpet and a Silver-ground Carpet. A couple of nice, if common micros were Acleris literana and Notocelia cynosbatella (it has changed its genus name!)

Sandy Carpet

Silver-ground Carpet

Follow that, I thought and so I did, with the trap on here last night. And, yes, it was a bumper night here too, with several more new moths for us. here is a small selection.

Figure of eighty


Poplar Grey

Nemophora degeerella

And lots more, including an Elephant Hawkmoth!

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