Monday, 17 June 2013

The Birds

Moth trapping took on an ornithological theme on Saturday night, with two of the new moths having our feathered friends to thank for their names. The definite highlight was this Bird's Wing. A stunning moth that gets it's name from the markings on the forewing looking like a birds wing.

Bird's Wing

The second bird-related moth was this Common Swift. A moth that Graham has caught before, but had eluded me up until now.

Common Swift

Other new moths for the garden came in the form of two pugs and a micro. There was a Grey Pug and a few Slender Pugs in the trap, along with a micro Scoparia ambigualis.

Scoparia ambigualis

Grey Pug

I also recorded a Purple Bar, a species I recorded last summer, along with a few Broom Moth, Treble Lines and Brown Rustic. Commonest moth is still Brown Silver-lines, with 15 in the trap.

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