Sunday, 7 October 2012

From Dawn to Dusky!

Of course the trap is on from Dusk to Dawn, but in the trap this morning was a Dusky Thorn - new  to the Strettons Moth List, which is another new feature of our blog, thanks to Mike. 

Dusky Thorn

As in Mikes photo of the Feathered Thorn, this moth is also a male and has the large, feathered antennae.

Whilst searching the garden for larvae this afternoon, I managed to catch a Beautiful Plume moth. Mike put up a photo of the underside of one in his porch the other day, but here is a full frontal view.

There are around 40 different Plume moths in the UK which characteristically hold their wings out at right angles to the body and most of them are easy to identify.

Beautiful Plume

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