Thursday, 25 October 2012

Phoned a friend

Regular viewers will recall that I put up a photo of an unidentified micro-moth on Saturday, well, now I know what it is.

I did NOT however, phone a friend, I posted the photo on the UKMicromoths Yahoo Group site and got the answer - and it makes me look a bit silly, as I had put a photograph of such a moth, correctly identified, on the Southern France website (PathPiva) some time ago.  The moth is in fact called Diurnea lipsiella and I have amended the post to show it,

Only 25 moths in the trap this morning and nothing new for the site.

However, in the garden yesterday afternoon I caught a "plume" moth. This is probably the most common plume and it is called Emmelina monodactyla.. Until recently the plume moths did not have "English names" but one of the UK's leading experts (Colin Hart) has recently done so and of course this is  now known as the Common Plume.

Common Plume

The moth has 2 pairs of wings, but in its resting position it tightly curls the fore wings round the hind wings, as seen here.

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