Monday, 1 October 2012

Oh what a night .....

-- late September (yes, I know it should be December back in '63), but it rained and rained and did not look like there would be ANY moths in the trap this morning. So it just goes to show that the moths (which are of course waterproof) came out to celebrate Europe's Ryder cup win!

First of all there was a Yellow-line Quaker another moth which I never caught in 9 years of mothing in France.  
Yellow-line Quaker
Then there were 2 Chestnuts, fairly common, but new for this site - well, that is not difficult as recording only started in mid-August.


Also was the more common form of the Mottled Umber, clearly different from my post dated 23 September.   

Mottled Umber

and another Anomalous, a Black Rustic and a total of 21 moths of 12 species. In addition there was a funny looking Common Marbled Carpet, which refused to open its wings. It has refused to do so throughout the day, so my photograph is not too good, BUT, it does show why I thought it was "funny looking". The reason is that it is actually a Spruce Carpet.

Spruce Carpet

Also, you may recall the photos I posted showing a Lilac leaf which had  leaf mining moth caterpillars in it, well, these have grown too big to still live inside the leaf and have made silken pockets in which to pupate.

               "Lilac leaf-miner"

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