Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Les Miserables!

Probably Limnephilus lunatus

There were only 3 moths in the trap this morning, but at least there were several caddis flies - insects which I know very little about, except that some of them can be confused with moths. Caddis flies have long antennae, like several moths, but they have hairy wings, unlike those of moths which have scales. 

However, there is usually something of interest other than the trap catch so I was pleased to discover that the larva of the Lime Hawkmoth (pictured a few days ago) has now pupated. It will be several months befor it becomes a moth.

Lime Hawkmoth (pupa)

Also, a walk on the Mynd (over in the All Stretton area) led to the discovery of a very pretty caterpillar. A search of the caterpillar book (Jim Porter, Caterpillars of the British Isles) did not provide a solution.

Drinker (larva)

However, the internet finally provided the answer. The caterpillar in question is going to overwinter like this and in the spring will change its skin and become instantly recognised as a Drinker Moth larva.

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