Sunday, 23 September 2012

Saturday Night Fewer

With the cooler nights now we can expect fewer moths in the trap and such was the case last night, however there was a new moth for the site, a Mottled Umber, not unexpected, but perhaps a little  early. This is a very variable moth - its Latin name is Erannis defoliaria.

Mottled Umber

A second new moth was however one of the very small micro-moths

and as yet I have not been able to identify it. But see below!

Firethorn Leafminer
In the garden yesterday was a Firethorn Leaf-miner, presumably one of those hatched from the leaf mines on the pyracantha bushes mentioned a few posts ago,

And in the house, a White-shouldered House-moth, which, unlike its neighbour the Brown House-moth, feeds on dead animal and vegetable matter.

White-shouldered House-moth
The moth has now been identified (by CW Plant) as Elachista canapennella.

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