Monday, 10 September 2012

New beginnings

My first 4 weeks in The Strettons has been inspiring. The garden has been in full bloom and has attracted 15 species of butterflies, notably a Purple Hairstreak and several Graylings - not really known as garden butterflys.

Oblique Carpet
In terms of moths, the highlights have been an Oblique Carpet and an Anomalous, 2 macro-moths completely new to me, and an Oak Nycteoline (f. notata).


Oak Nycteoline

Lime Hawkmoth larva

This is the season for finding lots of larvae (caterpillars) and I was delighted to find one of the spectacular Lime Hawkmoth larvae on the pavement in Ludlow Road.

Also around are several "Leaf miners".
Have a look at your pyracantha bushes
and see if you can find one.                   

                                                                 Firethorn leaf mine

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