Sunday, 16 September 2012


Not much time to get the moth trap out this weekend, but I still managed to find a couple of things of interest. On Saturday night I rescued this curious insect from inside the house.

Beautiful Plume

This is actually a moth, or more accurately one of the 'micro' moths. It is part of a family called the Pterophoridae, though this is helpfully given the more manageable name of Plume Moths. These moths are distinctive in holding their wings at right angles, and this one is called a Beautiful Plume.

A walk this afternoon up Batch Valley found another interesting creature. This dark caterpillar (or more accurately 'larva') with a red line in fact turns into a beautiful white moth called a White Ermine. These will not be on the wing until May, and this larva will over winter in a cocoon in plant debris. If we find a adult of this stunning moth we will be sure to post a picture.

White Ermine Larva

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