Friday, 14 September 2012

Wind and Brimstone

It was windy in Batch Valley last night, so much so that I needed to move the trap round the back of the house before I went to bed. It also rained and I was quite pleased to manage 18 moths. Stars of the show were two Brimstone Moths. Not a particularly rare moth, but like the butterfly of the same name, beautiful and instantly recognisable insects.

Brimstone Moth

The commonest moth was actually the Common Marbled Carpet. This is a really quite variable species, though all of the three last night were the form with a sold orange band on the forewing. They readily come to porch lights and are quite plentiful this year.

Common Marbled Carpet

I also managed to catch a new moth for us both in the Strettons - a Brindled Green. This one was quite a worn moth, but still distinctive when the lighting was right.

Brindled Green

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